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Drakins of Wyrmarach. Enter a world of shape shifting creatures. Dragons, Feline and Fae folk. The Dragon Guardian has been found in the world of humans and threatens to change Wyrmarach forever. Mature readers only.
Seductive Celebrations are quick adult bedtime stories to spice up your nights with an XX rated flare. Let The Seductive Celebrations Begin. Caution: Adult material may contain sucking, fucking, anal intercourse, vaginal intercourse, blow jobs, fellatio, Penis sounding, BDSM play, Gender incongruousness and fairy magic
The Amethyst Desire Collection follows the travels of a 'magical' amethyst amulet from lovers of all varieties paranormal or contemporary m/m; m/f/m; f/f; f/m/f where Happily Ever After is guaranteed. Mature Readers only.
Jake's Bid.jpg
Jake's Bid

Vol 8 The Amethyst Desire Collection, Novellette

M/F/M; M/M/F Menage, Contemporary Erotic Romance

Jake has a Friday night ritual of dinner, wine and cards with his friends Julian and Natalie. Somewhere along the way he fell in love with both of them. He hasn’t been able to figure out how to communicate his desire without the risk of losing the friendship he has with the couple.

Tonight is the night, Valentine’s Day. He purchased an amethyst necklace for Natalie and he’s going to figure out how to tell them he wants to deepen their three-way relationship if he doesn’t chicken out.

While talking himself out of the confession he hears Natalie say, “we’ll play a round of spades and the winner gets to fuck me.” Julian smiled before he added, “And I get to fuck the looser.” His smile broadened as he looked Jake in the eye. “Does that about cover where you wanted to go Jake?”

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On The Hunt

Vol 6 The Amethyst Desire Collection

M/F Paranormal Erotic Romance Novella

Eva, Kaikura Zaieva Curtis, Professor of Folklore, and expert in her field is on the hunt for a University assignment in New Orleans. Her brother Austin gave her an interesting Amethyst pendant for an early Christmas gift, which seems to be sparking all kinds of erotic attractions. Disastrous interview over, leaving her with a bump on her head and grief for why her mother gave her, a biracial baby, the all too difficult to pronounce name of an African Queen.  Not one to waste time, she has a week to start research on the folklore of VooDoo in the quarter and against her better judgment explore her attraction for one hot off-limits colleague, Anthropology Professor Walsh.

Garrett Lochlainn Walsh, Irish immigrant, wolf shape shifter incognito and Professor for the University’s Anthropology department, finds Eva keenly intelligent, and refreshing. Qualities that for him are incredibly sexy. She is the candidate to beat for Director of the new folklore concentration. He volunteers to be her local escort during her stay in New Orleans, just to make sure she can fit him in.  As a folklorist, some of her interests are a scary turn on, like her up close and personal participation with Voodoo rites in the Quarter. Their weekend sexual romp flares hot and erotic making Garrett howl for a more lasting connection with the impressive Eva Curtis.  Will the pack accept a human as their Alpha’s chosen?  Are those eyes really an indicator of wolf genetics in her family tree or just a trait of her biracial beauty? And the big question. How will she take the news that he spends his time moonlighting as a shape shifting Wolf, Alpha of the local Crescent Moon Pack?

Dragon Emergence

A Drakins of Wyrmarach Novella

M/M Paranormal Erotic Romance

Haydn’s found refuge on the earth side of the barrier in the home of the healer, Isobeau. He denies himself comfort and pleasures offered by his freedom.

Rhys is immediately attracted to Haydn. He desires to help the younger man embrace his new life. Unfortunately, Haydn seems stuck, unable to grasp the happiness he craves. Rhys fears Haydn’s continued self-loathing will prevent any possibility of their future together. Drastic measures may be necessary to convince Haydn of his worth and Rhys’ unconditional love for him.

An expanded Re-release of Dragon's Unbound

Three is Just Right.jpg
Three Is Just Right

Vol 2 Seductive Celebrations - Novellette

M/M/M/F; M/M/F/M Reverse Harem, Paranormal Erotic Romance - XX

I am Jade and I am a complicated piece of ass. That’s what I’ve been told by past lovers and I can see the point. I’ve got barriers around me like a concertina wire fence and hackles like a porcupine. Commitment phobe? Look it up in the Urban Dictionary and you’ll see my picture. But then, you could find my photo and references to me under several entries in that tomb of kink. It’s Christmas and I feel like giving three of my pack mates a special gift, a no holds barred, me.

All I want in return is a little bit of DNA to satisfy my ticking clock. I was raised by a single mother. That’s my style. I have a choice of a luscious Dar’kind Fae full of mystery and command; a hot ebony feline shifter that makes me laugh and wears his heart on his sleeve; and the gentle giant of a man that packs me full of goodness. Is he bear shifter or bigfoot’s love child? I can’t choose between them.  What I don’t expect is the way they will peal away my layers until I’m left vulnerable and ready to accept the future my three unique lovers have planned for me.

Noah's Fairy Tail 2.jpg
Noah's Fairy Tale

Vol 1 Seductive Celebrations, Novellette

M/M/F; M/F/M  Menage, Paranormal Erotic Romance - XX

Brielle and Michael orchestrate a birthday celebration Noah will never forget. The three find ways to pleasure each other that are indeed memorable and strengthens their emotional commitment to each other. Brielle crosses the divide between male and female with her fae talent of shape shifting into any form she can visualize. For this birthday party she’s got something up her pants. If Michael can’t bring himself to give Noah cock, then she will.

Michael coincidentally has decided it is time to stop dodging Noah’s desire for masculine intimacy. They’ve carved out their territory, as civilized wolves should do, with Brielle between them. Now is the time to blow those boundaries and finally deeply explore the man on man side of his sexuality. As long as Brielle will continue to be their double stuffing treat. A birthday celebration is a perfect time for some XXX rated fun.

Noah opens the door to try new things. A birthday is a perfect time for getting down with new experiences. He’s been missing out by passing the side of pussy over to Michael. Wolf shifters always enjoy a little rough fun while they share their fairy’s tail. Michael can make it up to him, in the end. In a spirit of adventure he ends up getting the best birthday fucking ever.