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The Series born of "A." Frustration

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

You know who it is. The big A is the gorilla in the room with policies that no one really talks about. You work can be promoted or buried in an invisible Erotic Dungeon without you knowing it has been made invisible. Until, that is, you do a random search for your work and it does not appear on any of fifteen pages of search window. Then you know you are in the Erotic Dungeon

Someone identified your work as adult content, a picture displeased the Amazonian Gods. The wind blew the wrong direction that day and there your work is, invisible. The one person who could save you... the author... isn't notified of this centure. Shhhh it's a Seeecreeettt.

So in this frustration and having found significant bigfoot porn promoted in erotica and bringing in a ton of money. And I also randomly ran across cartoon fairy porn images. Yeah, it's a thing. Little tinker bell like fairies with male genitalia. Did I tell you I was frustrated with the big "A"? Yes... So, these bits of inspiration and the last novella "On The Hunt"being almost hijacked by two characters, I began to write. Two stories emerged. One with Brielle, Noah and Michael celebrating Noah's birthday in the best way possible. And Brielle we learn is a Fairy who can do all sorts of wicked stuff. (Available now from "A".) Actually Brielle is Fae from the Wyrmarach side of the dimensional veil but that's for another day.

“Brielle and Michael orchestrate a birthday celebration Noah will never forget. Noah is amazed with Brielle's newest shapeshifting ability... male from the waist down.”

The second story became first person with Jade. She is a character identified at the end of "On The Hunt." She is in a reverse harem relationship with three men. She had layers of commitment phobia and guarded emotions that the guys have to peel away to get the real Jade open enough to accept a relationship with them. (Coming soon at "A")

I am Jade and I am a complicated piece of ass. That’s what I’ve been told by past lovers and I can see the point. I’ve got barriers around me like a concertina wire fence and hackles like a porcupine. Commitment phobe? Look it up in the Urban Dictionary and you’ll see my picture. But then, you could find my photo and references to me under several entries in that tomb of kink. It’s Christmas and I feel like giving three of my pack-mates a special gift, a no holds barred, me..”

So both stories, sparse on plot, thick on character development and action packed with intimate emotional sex. Is it porn? yes? maybe? but... IDK? I feel like there is more than you might find in "porn" Sex is the driving plot and the secondary issues are just that ... secondary.

However, if your the kind of reader that buys erotica to thumb through the sex scenes, then you'll want to pass on these. Sex scenes aren't able to be carved out between the beginning and the end. But what a happy ending you'll find in both stories.

Take a Look, I hope you will enjoy. Keep in mind that they will most likely end up in the Erotic Dungeon, unashamedly a proper worthy place for them to be. Big "A" if you're going to put me in the dungeon, I'm going to earn it, no wishy washy half way. You will be able to find them through my "A" author page. Eden Glenn

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