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Behind The Scenes with The Amethyst Desire Collection (pt 2)

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Welcome to part two of the behind the scenes with the Amethyst Desire Collection.

Have you ever touched an object and instantly felt a story emerge?

“Wyatt Andersen has a thing for coffee. He’s got an even bigger thing for The Ground Up Barista, Austin Curtis. Not sure that Austin has the same interest in Wyatt’s brand of strong coffee, he plans on keeping his thing for Austin firmly zipped up.

And here is where we came apart in the organization a little bit. At this point in the time line, I wrote Emma’s New Year. She didn’t tie into any of the other books and all you know is that the setting is duha New Years. It became vol 5. And maybe is a hint that I should stop putting volume numbers on things. LOL.

Obviously there is a big gap from late fall to Happy New Years. Austin's Surprise slide in there later at Thanksgiving, requiring me to renumber the volumes. Emma had to move up the line from five to seven.

New, Vol 5, Austin’s Surprise. Austin the coffee shop owner of Ground Up as mentioned in Dragon Guardian, and his romance with Wyatt Anderson, a real estate agent. Yes, from Phoenix Reborn. This is a cute M/M with a contemporary setting. It is taking place in the Fall and ends at Thanksgiving.

Vol 6 On The Hunt, picks up with Eva. She is Austin’s sister and the intended recipient of the necklace before all the shenanigans happen to Austin. This is a paranormal M/F and moves to New Orleans for the setting that ends at Christmas.

So, Emma had to be reorganized to now be the New Vol 7 Emma’s New Year. A contemporary F/F with a good run of side characters. I hope Georgia gets her story some day. I’ve officially moved it to this position in the series because I didn’t want a huge gap between late fall to New Years to all the way over to Thanksgiving again. I’m sure later I’ll understand why this was so important to me. It has been a bit of a headache to tell you the truth.

Vol 8 Jake’s Bid will be coming out this summer and is a really hot M/F/M M/M/F ménage contemporary story that takes place at Valentines.

On the horizon is perhaps Vol 9 untitled as yet that is a F/M/F Ménage paranormal that will rock your socks off. It happens at Beltane time.

So there you have it, all the questions about that dratted Amethyst you’d ever want to know? Can you think of anything else that you're curious about? Ask in the comments, I'd love to chat about it. Are there any particular volumes that are your favoriet? Let's talk about them. Happy reading!

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