Presentations and Programs


Eden Glenn is available as a guest speaker on a variety of topics for your next event. She is amiable to creating  presentations based on your interest and needs in her vision of giving back to a community that has enhanced her life so richly. If you have something special in mind, contact Eden to discuss the topic through the contact tab above.

"Short Is The New Big”

Investigate the art and strategy of writing short stories, Novellettes, and Novellas (under 30,000 words). An energized presentation which covers everything you wanted to know about writing short and why. Participants will learn techniques of writing short from conception to final sale.

Romance fiction sales are estimated at $1.350 billion for 2013. Commercial Fiction owns a lion share of sales. Ebook and Direct publication sales are escalating. Writing short is a viable technique to get into the industry and build readership while exploring which sub-genre is right for you.

"The Joys of Reading and Writing"
or "The Kama Sutra of Literacy"


A university librarian and mult-published author/narrator team up to explore the joys of reading and writing by examining the benefits and pleasures of these literary pursuits. Discover resources and techniques for recreational reading. Reading may encourage your desire to write. Learn fascinating ways to cultivate the hidden writer within you. The presenters will inspire you to appreciate the power of literacy.

Gender Communication Styles and Writing Believable Characters


Genders have different ways of communicating and these style variances can cause conflict and misunderstanding unless you are in the know on how Masculine or Feminine gender patterns of communication work. This is an essential understanding to writing believable characters for your novels.