Seductive Celebrations are quick adult bedtime stories to spice up your nights with an XX rated flare. Let The Seductive Celebrations Begin. Caution: Adult material may contain sucking, fucking, anal intercourse, vaginal intercourse, blow jobs, fellatio, Penis sounding, BDSM play, Gender incongruousness and fairy magic

A new series premiering 2020

Three is Just Right.jpg
Three Is Just Right

Vol 2 Seductive Celebrations - Novellette

M/M/M/F; M/M/F/M Reverse Harem, Paranormal Erotic Romance - XX

I am Jade and I am a complicated piece of ass. That’s what I’ve been told by past lovers and I can see the point. I’ve got barriers around me like a concertina wire fence and hackles like a porcupine. Commitment phobe? Look it up in the Urban Dictionary and you’ll see my picture. But then, you could find my photo and references to me under several entries in that tomb of kink. It’s Christmas and I feel like giving three of my pack mates a special gift, a no holds barred, me.

All I want in return is a little bit of DNA to satisfy my ticking clock. I was raised by a single mother. That’s my style. I have a choice of a luscious Dar’kind Fae full of mystery and command; a hot ebony feline shifter that makes me laugh and wears his heart on his sleeve; and the gentle giant of a man that packs me full of goodness. Is he bear shifter or bigfoot’s love child? I can’t choose between them.  What I don’t expect is the way they will peal away my layers until I’m left vulnerable and ready to accept the future my three unique lovers have planned for me.

Noah's Fairy Tail 2.jpg
Noah's Fairy Tale

Vol 1 Seductive Celebrations, Novellette

M/M/F; M/F/M  Menage, Paranormal Erotic Romance - XX

Brielle and Michael orchestrate a birthday celebration Noah will never forget. The three find ways to pleasure each other that are indeed memorable and strengthens their emotional commitment to each other. Brielle crosses the divide between male and female with her fae talent of shape shifting into any form she can visualize. For this birthday party she’s got something up her pants. If Michael can’t bring himself to give Noah cock, then she will.

Michael coincidentally has decided it is time to stop dodging Noah’s desire for masculine intimacy. They’ve carved out their territory, as civilized wolves should do, with Brielle between them. Now is the time to blow those boundaries and finally deeply explore the man on man side of his sexuality. As long as Brielle will continue to be their double stuffing treat. A birthday celebration is a perfect time for some XXX rated fun.

Noah opens the door to try new things. A birthday is a perfect time for getting down with new experiences. He’s been missing out by passing the side of pussy over to Michael. Wolf shifters always enjoy a little rough fun while they share their fairy’s tail. Michael can make it up to him, in the end. In a spirit of adventure he ends up getting the best birthday fucking ever.